Health Care Architecture

arquitectura hospitalaria, health care architecture

Healthcare Architecture or Clinic Architecture. The new trend in world architecture.

In today’s world, architects specialized in hospital architecture permanently design and renovate clinics and hospitals in accordance with current health demands and the development of medicine.

It is about creating new and more intelligent solutions as a challenge to the conventional.

Designing for patients is designing “more” with less, creating intelligent spaces. Spaces with innovation.

It is designed and planned to make spaces a reality for both patients and their families. The final idea is not only to increase satisfaction, improve the quality of care, reduce waiting times and stress, but also provide medical and nursing staff with the optimal spaces required for treatment and recovery.


Of all the types and styles of architecture, the hospital has a purpose which is to offer healing environments, which contemplates the integration of natural light, color and nature in its infrastructure.

As Architects, we have the responsibility to design ad hoc spaces to receive, diagnose, attend and heal, with optimal care, in order to ensure a high level of safety and quality of medical services.

Although Logistics and its support services are critical and significantly affect operational costs, internal displacement must be resolved safely.

For this purpose, all the components of a clinic must be developed as an organized and integrated whole. Considering that innovation is an investment, their designs entail sustainability and development.

This implies having the appropriate clinical infrastructure as well as the necessary support areas to meet the different demands with the comfort and safety of the case.

And it makes a lot of sense.

Ultimately, clinical architecture must receive and welcome the user. Likewise, it must be technologically equipped to attend to the different pathologies and have the staff of the case.

There should be facilities that provide hospital staff with a level of comfort. They must feel comfortable working there and want to return. All of that must come together and work in harmony. All is important. This means everything from cafeterias to break rooms to laboratories.

In our architecture we also care about design details. The infrastructure that a medical building requires needs to be set up. This is an important detail in hospital architecture.

The gases and liquids that pass through the plumbing system throughout the building. The layout configuration must maintain adequate power and lighting requirements. You have to worry about temperature and humidity requirements.

Many critical things need to be reviewed when designing a hospital.


At AGE Arquitectos we design spaces that inspire, we build dynamic relationships that last.

We consider our clients as partners and value their opinions and insights in the design process.

We incorporate the healthcare needs of our clients into the facilities we design. Likewise, we implement characteristics that best support the medical benefits and the physical and emotional needs of all those who use and circulate in these buildings.

Thanks to our extensive experience of almost 30 years, we are pleased to say that we have more than 1,000,000 m2 of hospitals built throughout Latin America.

But that is not all.

Here at AGE Arquitectos we are thinking of designing more clinics and health centers.

And it is that these types of projects make a difference in a community. Hospital architecture is a natural fit for us as a society.

We are very interested in taking on projects that will fit in naturally. Develop long-term relationships with our clients.


If you wish to contact the studio, leave us a message by writing to us through this link. You can also reach us by phone at +56 (2) 3245 0980